CEO, Alex Marshall


    • Alex got his first taste of the startup world when he was one of the first employees for Naked Juice in 1983. He then moved around working in the hospitality industry implementing new computer procedures he created automating daily tasks. He then became a independent consultant helping small to medium sized businesses in selecting Software, hardware and creating procedures as well as training them on new systems, this ranged from attorney firms to bars and restaurants. In 1994 he opened AztechVision a computer firm that later in 1997 became Westside Automation an IT and AV Firm. Alex has always had a passion for software and hardware products that enable people to work more easily, and combined with his passion for Audio/Video and construction, Home Automation became a natural fit. In 2004 he Sold Westside Automation in order to expand his low voltage and construction knowledge base and added Electrical to round out true Home Automation and then founded Automation Partners in 2006, In 2021 he Changed the name back to Westside Automation.